Veritas is the parent company to several companies that provide supplies and services to the healthcare sector in Iceland. The group consists of operating  companies focusing on their core competencies to service selected segments of the healthcare market. The subsidiaries are Artasan ehf., Distica hf., MEDOR ehf., Stoð hf. and Vistor hf.

The role of the parent company is to handle all support services for its subsidiaries, such as financial management, IT services,  human resource  services, and marketing support.


Information according to Act No. 30/2002 on Electronic Commerce and other Electronic Services

Name: Veritas Capital ehf. 
ID.No.: 530602-3380 
Address: Horgatun 2 
Zip code: 210 
Town: Gardabaer 
Country: Iceland 
VAT number: 94196 
E-mail address:


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